Rhone Alpes

Your Holidays in France in Rhone Alpes

Want to go to the famous ski resorts of the Alps? Join a regional department? Go to the city center of Lyon? From the airport Lyon Saint Exupéry? There are several ways to travel in Rhone Alps if you do not have your own car.

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Rhone Alpes

The Rhone Alps region lies at the intersection of various strategically important routes of both national and international interest.

This strategic location gives it the much needed power to dictate its terms of power across the country.

Its departments include the Ain, Isere, Loire, Rhone, Savoie, Haute Savoie, Ardeche and Drome.

Each of these departments vary among themselves in the number of inhabitants to the languages talked to the unique cultural and ethnic histories of the lands.

The countryscape is the one common thing with the Alpes Mountains ranging throughout the Rhone region. There is also the Rhone River along with the Saone Rivers. 

Being a region with one of the highest birth rates in the country, it has flourished in university, scientific, economic, sport and cultural fields along with Catalonia, Lombardy.

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It is dominated by three hills, the Fourviere, which houses several monasteries and is also the home to the Notre-Dame Fourviere summit, the La Croix Rousse that extends north from the plateau Caluire-and-Bake and Rilleux-la-Pape to the foothills of Dombes, and which enjoys immense popularity as being the residence of the silk workers and separated from Fourviere by the plateau of the Saone, and the Duchere, which is located in the foothills of the Monts d'north-west of the city.

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Rhone Alpes

It borders the Ardeche, Isere and Haute Alps and Vaucluse. The department is very much uneven with the mountains of Alps, western alps being integrated at the Barronies east.

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Rhone Alpes

Some of the other important cities are Annonay, Bourg-Saint-Andeol, Davézieux, Privas, Aubenas, and Guilherand-Granges. Each of these boasts of unique cultural history and natural splendor.

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